What makes this column different?

It's bright and snappy, and guaranteed to make no mention of 'mid-range torque' or 'variable camshafts'.

Why should I use a column and not just press release blurbs?

It gives the motoring section more credibility, and attracts readers.

In what ways are you qualified to write this column?

Please see here.

Is it exclusive to my area?


Do you just write about fast expensive cars that my readers can't afford?

No. Look at the schedule.

How will you deliver the copy and pics?

Via email, in plenty of time.

What if I lose it and you are unavailable?

Pick it up from the website with your password.

How many words is it?

About 750 words including the 'all about it' box, plus some pics. See examples here.

Do I have to use it every week?

Unless we have come to a different arrangement, it is best to use it weekly as it gives credibility to the column and hopefully boosts the motoring section of your paper, drawing in readers.

What is the style?

Bright and readable, with no offputting technical jargon.

How will you invoice me?


How much does it cost?

Let's negotiate.

Can I have a trial to see if it's going to work?

Good idea. Please contact to arrange.

Download copy and pics here.